New Patients

Welcome to Health T.I.P.!

Thank you for your interest in our practice! We appreciate you giving us the chance to participate in your healthcare. Your first appointment as a new patient at Health T.I.P. is considered a new patient consultation, during which we review your prior medical history, cover any acute problems you may be having that day, and develop a plan for your future medical care. To be sure your first visit goes smoothly, please read and follow the four steps below to register as a new patient and establish primary care at our office. If you have any questions regarding our new patient registration process, please contact our office prior to completing our paperwork.

Step #1 – Schedule your New Patient Consultation.

At some point during the process, you will need to contact our office to schedule an appointment. We have several convenient ways for you to schedule your appointment, so please choose one of the following options.

  • Call our office at (410) 870-4847.
  • Complete our online new patient registration form.

Schedule Appointment

Please visit our Appointments page for more details on what is included with a New Patient Consult.

Step #2 – Complete Our New Patient Paperwork.

The following pages are included in the fillable PDF file for our new patient paperwork. A signed copy of each agreement is required prior to your first visit to Health T.I.P (Digital Signature is Acceptable).

Patient Information Form

    1. PIF Instructions

    2. Patient Demographics Sheet (Complete and Sign Page 1)
    3. Past Medical History Form (Complete and Sign Page 2)
    4. HIPAA Privacy Agreement and Consent for Evaluation and/ or Treatment (Complete and Sign Page 3).
    5. Contact Information and Cancellation Policy (Complete and Sign Page 4)

Health TIP Practice Policy  (Read and Sign)
Patient Financial Agreement (Read and Sign)